Expanding the industry with a range of prepaid products

In just a dozen years, prepaid products have grown from a product people didn’t know they needed into a multi-billion-dollar industry that they can’t do without. From the start, Blackhawk Network has been an innovative force behind these now-ubiquitous products that have forever altered our shopping, entertainment, communication and money management behavior.

Almost $10 Billion

loaded on Blackhawk Network prepaid products in 2013

As part of our mission to get “the right brands in the right hands,” we at Blackhawk Network work hard to understand consumer behavior so that we can anticipate trends. That entails extensive research into buyers’ habits and preferences, industry tendencies, technology advancements and more. This insight serves as the blueprint for our product development — allowing us to branch out into growing categories like digital gift giving, telecom and financial services, as well as to to bring complementary services to market.

The result is a highly successful product suite that draws in over 160 million consumer visits per week.