Prompting desirable behavior with popular rewards

There’s a significant change taking place in how corporations motivate and reward their loyal employees and customers as traditional incentives are giving way to more enticing prepaid products. By leveraging our expertise in the retail market, Blackhawk Network is well positioned to bring together corporations and brands in mutually beneficial relationships.

Blackhawk Corporate Incentives

Our 2013 acquisition of InteliSpend, a major player in the employee incentive and consumer promotion industry, allows us to provide greater flexibility and scalability when building solutions for corporate initiatives. Top merchants and technology providers add up to advanced solutions tailored to each corporation’s purpose, brand and personnel. If the organization doesn’t require a customized solution for their program, “off-the-shelf” products can be ready in as little as 24 hours.

Incentives for a variety of initiatives

Organizations can use our prepaid cards to reward loyalty, re-engage lapsed customers, promote new products and bring in new customers. Inside the organization, the prepaid cards can be used to support employee wellness, reward sales goal achievements, reinforce safety practices and recognize length of service.

The incentives and rewards that Blackhawk Network can deliver fall across a wide range of categories, including restaurants, retail, electronics, sports and theme park tickets. Corporations have the option of designating where the funds on the card can be spent — a single merchant, a specified group of merchants or universally — which opens up strategic, economic and experiential opportunities. Blackhawk Network works with each organization to identify the right solution to meet its incentive objectives.

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The employees’ reactions have been incredible.InteliSpend hit the nail on the head in terms of assembling the perfect outlets for our employees to get the rewards they want most. When an employee chooses their own reward from this selection of merchants, it ensures that it will be remembered for a long time.

Steve Ostiguy
Manager, Organizational Performance
Textron Financial