Catering to the growing demand for more flexibility and convenience

There are two things that telecom consumers have made abundantly clear: they hate contracts, but love their cell phones. Blackhawk Network recognizes the opportunity presented by this combination, which is why we offer a wide range of prepaid wireless plans and handset options right where consumers shop everyday.

We also recognize that the market for prepaid telecom is much bigger than just those consumers who are looking to avoid the restrictions and lock-in of long-term contracts. It’s also ideal for people who want to control spending — their own or perhaps a teenager in the family — and for low-volume users who just want to pay as they go. Millennials have shown that they’re loyal to their device, but not their carrier, making them another possible customer of prepaid telecom plans.

Blackhawk Network caters to this rapidly growing segment of the population by bringing together leading providers in one convenient place, allowing consumers to easily comparison shop. We make topping-up simple too, with online and in-store options.

Our retailers also benefit from recurring sales and repeat visits from the diverse demographic of prepaid telecom shoppers.

1 in 4

wireless telecom accounts are prepaid

Source: IDC Market Analysis, IDC, December 2012.

11% Growth

of prepaid mobile sales in 2013

Source: Mercator, Prepaid, 2013.

$115 Average

load on prepaid mobile cards

Source: Mercator, Prepaid, 2013.

Multiple options for every aspect

Smart PhoneOur broad selection makes it easy for consumers to choose and use prepaid telecom products.

The latest phones…including Android

Our smartphone and other handset models are regularly updated to ensure we always offer what consumers want. For consumers who want to keep their device but not their plan, we also offer SIM cards for most carriers.

Prepaid Telecom Carriers

The smartest plan options

Consumers can choose from among a range of carriers for their prepaid plans, including unlimited, pay-as-you-go and family plans that offer multiple activation numbers on a single card. Prepaid wireless, land based, long distance and international plans add to the mix.

The fastest top-up

You can’t get any more instant than real-time-reload that can take place in-store or online. Other options give consumers an activation number or let them top-up at the point-of-sale. In 2014, Blackhawk Network will also offer international top-up, for the ultimate in convenience.

Private-label telecom opportunities

Blackhawk Network offers retailers the prospect of building their brand and establishing stronger customer relationships as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). With a private-label wireless plan, retailers can share in the recurring revenue from a growing wireless customer base. This can provide the added benefit of leveraging a wireless platform to promote targeted products or boost brand loyalty.