Branded Mobile Pay Hits the Rewards Market

With a cardless society on the rise in Australia and consumers preferring to use tap and go, it’s clear Mobile Pay has redefined how brands engage with and reward their customers.

Mobile Pay means brands can now deliver branded cash rewards in the form of a digital prepaid Mastercard – an innovative, market leading consumer reward solution developed by Blackhawk Network. It’s a digital product issued via SMS and stored within in a consumers’ mobile wallet, ready for use at any merchant who has a contactless terminal (that accept Prepaid Mastercard), or for online purchases.

Until now, customer incentives in Australia and around the world had failed to tap into the evolving consumer preference for mobile wallet payments. Blackhawk Network is one of the first to issue prepaid digital Mastercards as an incentive solution for brands.


Consumers now prefer digital

Not so long-ago consumers favoured ATMs, banking in-store, and carrying a fashionable wallet. But now consumers can do all three via their mobile device.

Digital solutions have now transformed the majority. While Millennials and Gen Xers were naturally leading the way in the adoption of mobile wallets, mainstream adoption was increasing with the popularity of banking apps. More recently, Australia’s public transport providers have also introduced mobile wallet tap and pay capabilities.

It’s more convenient and secure

Mobile Pay is supported by all major mobile devices, including: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. It also leverages the security of the Mobile’s native wallets that have built in biometric security such as face recognition, fingerprint or iris scan to ensure the legitimacy of the payment being made.

This is proven to be more secure than carrying a card, which can be very easily forgotten or lost from one location to another.

Now with the Mastercard Digital gift card data embedded into a smartphone, consumers can more freely and easily purchase through mobile technology. On the flipside, this gives brands new opportunities and a new gateway to launch rewards that create value, inspire action and build trust.

Integration into the customer journey

Mobile pay gives brands more choice and flexibility when it comes to creating bespoke and innovative reward solutions.

Responding to brands varying needs, Mobile Pay is available as a convenient and impactful ready plugin solution, or alternatively via SDK integration. This means brands can maximise their existing app and house the Mobile Pay mechanic in their native environment.

Mobile Pay’s seamless, real-time delivery can tap into any stage of the customer journey, from gift-with-purchase, cashback and triggered incentives, to surprise and delight and prizing. Brands looking for cut-through and an ‘edge’ will embed the technology that mobile pay offers and leverage the mainstream consumer preference for tap and go. 

A branded experience 

When using Mobile Pay as a reward incentive, brands can choose from an off the shelf solution or a fully branded experience, from sms to app to card. And enhancements on the horizon for 2020 include a reloadable form of Mobile Pay, which will give brands the option to trigger top-ups of their customers’ cards.

Are you considering how to integrate Mobile Pay?

Blackhawk Network is one of the first to market Mobile Pay incentive solutions and can help brands leverage promotions solutions that connect with the consumer trend favouring Mobile Pay.

Contact us to talk about how you can use mobile pay to take your campaign to the next level.

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