Gift Card Shopper Personas (and Why They Matter)

As any merchant understands, the more you know your customer, the better. That’s why Blackhawk Network—shaping the future of global  payments in so many ways—worked with Murphy Research to put together an free ebook that defines and explains the seven gift card shopper personas, helping provide invaluable customer insights, to help grow your business. 

These personas illustrate where we shop, how we shop and for whom we shop. Understanding the wants, needs, habits and behaviors of each buyer persona means more engagement and more revenue.  

Using our research on gift card buyers, we were not only able to identify and define buyer segments, but also reveal valuable insights into shopping behaviors within those segments, including how best to reach and engage them. 

Here’s a brief introduction to a few of your shoppers, including a sample promotion that would likely attract them to your business. 


Susan, the Bargain Hunter 

Susan doesn’t read the newspaper with a pair of scissors in hand, but she’s always in search of discounts or promotions. Since she’s a connoisseur of value, she also likes to give gift cards, ensuring everyone can get what they want. To attract Susan, you need to provide more value. 

Susan’s Example Promotion: Rewards for Registration 

If you want to encourage shoppers like Susan to register for your loyalty program or download you app, reward her. Offer her a $10 gift card for signing up. 


Joshua, the Digital Outsourcer 

Joshua hates shopping. But when he has to make a purchase, he wants to buy from well-known brands that align to his values. Lucky for you, his aversion to shopping also means that giving gift cards is the perfect last-minute option. To attract a Joshua to your brand, try a promotion that’s easy—and fast. 

Joshua’s Example Promotion: Anything Digital 

While any gift card is a great last-minute option, digital eGifts give Joshua even more procrastination leeway. Want to promote your new eGifts? Offer Joshua one at a discount. Want to promote both plastic and digital? Give him a free eGift when he buys a plastic card. 


Aileen, the Shopping Enthusiast 

Every free moment, Aileen is shopping—on her phone, at the mall or on the couch with her tablet and a glass of wine. Shopping isn’t a task for Aileen; it’s a leisure activity. She enjoys shopping for others most of all, like when she’s buying gift cards to give to her family and friends (and, sometimes, for herself). To bring in more Aileens, give her more opportunities to give. 


Aileen’s Example Promotion: Buy One, Get One 

This classic promotion continues to be effective, and is a perfect fit for gift cards—and Aileen. Offering her a free $10 gift card when she buys a $25 gift card gives her two gifts in one—even if one of those gifts is for her. 


For a lot more information on these gift card shopper personas, plus the other four, fill out the Download eBook form for access to our free ebook, Meet Your Gift Card Shopper Personas: Insights to Extend Reach and Grow Gift Card Revenue. 

We hope this helps with your marketing planning for the rest of 2021 (and beyond). If you’re ready to put those personas to work for you today, call Blackhawk Network at 1300 883 667. 

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