How Australians Shop, Pay and Use Gift Cards

Every business owner or manager knows this: The more you understand your shoppers, the better. 

The problem is, because of new technologies, emerging trends and, of course, the global pandemic, everything keeps changing. How people shop, where they shop and how they pay are constantly in flux. The new normal continues to make way for a newer normal. That’s why in 2020, Blackhawk Network launched a BrandedPay™ study of more than 12,000 people in eight countries – including Australia – asking about their shopping and payment habits. 

Before we dig deeper into the Australian shopper, let’s take a quick look at the bigger picture. 


The World View 

Although we live in an increasingly connected world – thanks to the Internet, shoppers in different countries have their differences. 

Let’s look at attitudes towards employer gifts, for example. In the United States, workers overwhelmingly prefer getting a prepaid card as a gift; they’re practical and recipients like having the freedom to use them almost anywhere. Conversely, in Germany and the Netherlands, prepaid cards are decidedly unpopular; workers would rather have their employers give them specific gifts chosen just for them. In those regions, prepaid cards and other payment products would be better received if marketed as thoughtful gifts rather than practical ones. 

How do Aussies feel about employer gifts? Respondents from our study said they were interested in receiving branded gift cards from their employers, and that these gifts would make them feel valued and loyal. 


The Australia View 

In many ways, Australian shoppers line up with the shoppers across the other regions in our study. In this article, we’ll share some information about three different areas—bargain hunting, digital gift cards and digital wallets. 


Bargain Hunting 

About half of Australian shoppers are bargain hunters, and about 80% actively seek out promotions and special deals. While this is not that different from many shoppers around the world, it’s worth noting—especially if you’re on the fence about running a promotion or not. 


Why so pragmatic? Maybe it’s because Australians rely on cash for their daily shopping trips slightly more often than debit cards and credit cards. 


Digital Gift Cards 

Australians are just as deal-motivated, engaged and tech-savvy as any other shoppers.  

Of course, new technologies are still in use. Pragmatism and technology come together for Australians in the way they use digital gift cards—they are the most likely in our study to buy digital gift cards to use as a budgeting tool. 


How do digital gift cards help with the budget? 

  • 30% use them to receive a discount or take advantage of a promotion. 

  • 29% say they’re an easier way to pay for things. 

  • 28% use them to make purchases online. 


Digital Wallets 

Here’s another area where Australian shoppers stand out (or, in this case, lag behind)—digital wallets. While 63% of Australians agree that using a digital wallet makes shopping easier, overall adoption of this technology is lower than in the other countries we included in our survey. 

  • Only 10% say they’re very interested in using a digital wallet in the future. 

  • And 31% are not at all interested in using a digital wallet in the future. 


The Full Story 

These are just a few tidbits from the Blackhawk Network study, How People Pay in Australia: A BrandedPay™ Study of National Attitudes Around Shopping, Payments, Gifts and Rewards. To get the full story, download the full study here

We hope these insights into Australian shoppers help you with your business goals and planning. If you think your organisation might benefit from talking to the leader in global branded payments—today—call Blackhawk Network at 1300 883 667. 

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