Make Hybrid Working Work Better With Rewards

The pandemic changed our lives in many ways. And some of those changes will not be changing back—like the way we work, for example. After being forced to work from home for so long, businesses realised they can function perfectly well with a remote workforce. Meanwhile, employees realised they like working from home—they get more sleep, they avoid the daily commute, they don’t have to dress up and they have better work/life balance.

As COVID restrictions let up across Australia and the rest of the world, remote working is giving way to hybrid working—a few days a week in the office, and a few days a week working from home. This seems to be the sweet spot for enjoying the benefits of home and the benefits of working together in person.

Hybrid Working Stats

According to a McKinsey survey, businesses are adopting this new way of working even more than previously expected:

9 out of 10 organisations are switching to hybrid working.1

Do the workers agree with this trend? A recent global survey conducted by PwC resulted in a resounding yes. Only 10% of respondents wanted to return to a traditional work environment.2

What about Australian respondents?

74% of Aussies said they wanted a mix of face-to-face and remote working.2

In other words, Aussies want to move to a hybrid workforce, too.

Hybrid Working Isn’t Perfect

Even with this almost-universal adoption, however, hybrid working isn’t all sunshine and roses. According to a new Microsoft study:

Half of remote employees and 55% of hybrid staff

say they feel lonelier at work than before.3

“Relationship building is the biggest challenge for leaders in this new normal,” Microsoft says, “and it’s a challenge worth prioritising,” Strong team relationships are linked to higher well-being and productivity. New employees hired since March 2020, they conclude, need extra support.

Building Relationships With Rewards

Fortunately, the problems of providing support and building up relationships have the same solution: Use the right rewards to build a strong employee recognition program.

Of course, employee rewards—gift cards, prepaid cards, etc.—are a good idea for any reason, and any day. Whether for a holiday, an anniversary, the completion of a big project or just because, rewards make employees feel you care (because you do care, don’t you?), they make employees feel valued and they make employees feel more motivated.

For the hybrid worker, especially, rewards can give your employees—whether they’re home or in the office—something to rally around, some shared good news that makes everybody feel good and feel like part of a team.

So, what type of reward works best? That’s up to you. But, yes, we have some recommendations.

Ways to Reward

Blackhawk Network is a pioneer and global leader in gift cards and employee rewards. So, however you want to reward your hybrid employees, we can help. Here are a few fast and easy ideas:

Mastercard®, eftpos and Visa® Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards offer the convenience, speed and spending flexibility your employees will love. Plus, they can be customised with your logo and personalised with a short message.

Merchant Gift Cards

Why give cash when you can give a memorable experience? We have gift cards from the biggest Australian and global brands, and all provide a cost-effective option for a premium reward.

Ultimate Gift Cards

These themed multi-store gift cards let you treat your recipients to their favorite restaurants, movies, entertainment or shopping. Plus, Ultimate Gift Cards come with the guarantee of a smile.

Corporate Card Store

To make your hybrid workforce rewarding easier (all your rewarding, in fact), Blackhawk Network built a gift card store just for you— Corporate Card Store. Just click to get all these benefits:

  • The best range of gift cards and prepaid cards
  • Delivered Instantly
  • You can send multiple or single cards
  • Easy to order
  • No transaction fees


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