Nov 18, 2021

Restaurant Gift Cards: the end of year reward that keeps on giving.

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been challenging. Among the many industries doing it tough, hospitality has been one of Australia’s most affected with over 270,000 jobs lost and 120,000 people stood down. While many businesses have shown incredible resilience and creativity by changing up the way they deliver goods and services, it’s still no substitute for on-venue dining.

And we’ve all missed our favourite restaurants too! A study conducted by Blackhawk Network* in April (back before things really got tough) revealed that out of the 115 activities people missed most, going out to restaurants was number one. 34% of Australian’s said they missed going to restaurants and 23% said they missed supporting local restaurants.

The good news is, as restrictions begin to ease, we now have the opportunity to help our favourite local restaurants get back on their feet. The great news is, it’s as simple as eating out.

For businesses, end of year rewards for employees and clients present the perfect opportunity to encourage people to eat out and give the hospitality industry a boost. Restaurant gift cards are not only a great way to show support for our local restaurants, but also to treat hardworking staff and loyal clients to a pleasure they’ve been missing.

Blackhawk Network have a range of restaurant gift cards including Ultimate Eats, Good Food Gift Card, The Restaurant Choice Gift Card and Gourmet Traveller Gift Card which can be purchased in bulk, loaded with any value and delivered physically or digitally to recipients as a special end of year reward. With hundreds of award-winning restaurants to choose from, you’ll not just be treating your employees or clients to a delicious meal, but a dining experience to remember.

It’s such a simple way to help local restaurants get back on their feet after an incredibly tough year and give loyal employees and clients a well-deserved treat – a win all round.

Get in touch with Blackhawk Network today to order your end of year dining rewards.

*Blackhawk Network Global Payments Report, 17/04/2020