Turn Fathers Day Into Profits Day

If you’ve been paying attention to your promotions calendar, there are plenty of opportunities to bring in incremental income all year long. These periods become more important as we continue to see sales slumps and the occasional pandemic-related lockdowns across Australia. But let’s take a quick look at what’s coming up in the remainder of the year. 

This year, Father’s Day in Australia is 5th September 2021. Having a hard-and-fast date on the calendar makes Father’s Day promotion planning a whole lot easier. But if you’re still on the Father’s Day fence, this might be the extra motivation you need:  


History says the week leading up to Father’s Day will likely  

show significant category sales increases for Australian merchants, including:


Food and drink: +17% 

Sports and outdoor: +10% 

Home and lifestyle: +5% 


Since we’re in the gift card business, we need to point out that all these categories are available in gift card form—convenient to buy, convenient to give and convenient to use. In other words, in the week or two leading up to 5th September, Aussies will be buying a whole lot of gift cards. 

The point of sharing this information is not to get you to shift all your marketing dollars to dads. We know Father’s Day isn’t as big around here as Easter or Christmas. 

But if you have the appropriate brand or products, and your promotion budget allows more than a couple programs per year, dads should be on the list. 


Attracting Your Share of the Billions 


Now that you’re aware of the opportunity, it comes down to the best ways to grab your share of that seasonal consumer spending before someone else does. And to do that, you need to give consumers what they want—value. So, here’s one more number for you.3 


62% of consumers say they can’t even complete a purchase  

before searching around for some kind of offer. 


In other words, people love promotions. They love getting more for their money. And, by the way, they also love gift cards. So, if you advertise a promotion with gift cards—like spend $50 on your dad and get a $10 gift card for yourself—you’ll be way ahead of the pack. 


Reward-Based Promotions Work Better 


Here’s another reason to use gift cards to add value for your customers: They work better. In fact, Blackhawk Network worked with Aberdeen Research to ask marketers around the world about reward-based promotions vs. discounts and other offers. The results were clear: 


Reward-based incentive programs can  

outperform programs without rewards by 30%.2 


The same research also examined the top criteria for selecting reward-based promotions over discounts by region. Whereas the #1 response in the USA was “Foster customer engagement,” Aussie respondents went with “Drive buyer purchase intent.”  


Would you like to read the entire Aberdeen Next Gen Promotions report? Here’s the link


We’re Here to Help 


Whether for Father’s Day, Christmas or any other time of the year, the promotional experts at Blackhawk Network are standing by to help.  


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