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At BHN, we are constantly innovating to develop products that are relevant to consumers' changing behaviours and needs, so when you sell BHN exclusive gift cards, you give consumers a specific reason to purchase gift cards from you.

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Ultimate Gift Cards

This universal gift card offers consumers the variety and flexibility they look for when gifting with no fees and an array of leading brands across Australia to choose from. There's an Ultimate Gift Card for everyone! Consumers can use their Ultimate Gift Card in-store, online or tap and go with Mobile Wallet.

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Restaurant Choice Gift Card

Dine anywhere, the Choice is Yours!

When you want to celebrate with family and friends, you want choice. If you want to grab takeaway Thai and eat in, you want Restaurant Choice. If it’s a big family get together to celebrate a milestone birthday, you want Restaurant Choice. Or, if you want the best selection of mid-week neighbourhood dining then you want Restaurant Choice. 

● Accepted at over 1000+ restaurants, bars, cafés & fast-food establishments that accept EFTPOS or Visa cards around Australia.

● Sold in over 5000+ retail outlets.

● Restaurant Choice gift card feature is it’s tap-and-go Mobile Wallet.

Restaurant Choice cards

Gourmet Traveller Gift Card

Eat, Drink, Enjoy.

The popular choice for cafes, wine bars and restaurants. Gourmet Traveller is the dining and lifestyle influencer that informs on trends and innovative experiences that Australians trust as the authority on the latest food and wine destinations.

The Gourmet Traveller Gift Card is backed by one of Australia’s largest media groups Are Media, home of magazines, reaching more than 8.8 Million Australians per month.¹ Whether you are rewarding clients, celebrating with friends or just need a well-deserved night out on your own, the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card delivers everything you want, every time.

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The perfect eftpos card

Experience choice at scale. BHN's Perfect eftpos card is redeemable wherever eftpos is accepted in Australia, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. The Perfect Gift Card can be used wherever eftpos is accepted* to buy the latest fashion, entertainment & movies or homewares, toys, restaurants & groceries. Australians love receiving gift cards because they can choose their own gift, and The Perfect Gift Card means they can choose from any of their favourite stores.

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Activ Visa® Prepaid

The Activ Visa Gift Card is the perfect gift to say ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Thank You’, and much more. This card can also be used to shop anywhere prepaid Visa® is accepted, in person, securely online, or over the phone. The gift card can be used as many times as you would like – the amount of every purchase you make is automatically deducted from your available balance.  Consumers can use the Activ Visa Gift Card to shop online at their favourite retailers, without leaving home. Simply swipe the Activ Visa Gift Card in store and use the PIN to pay in-store, it really is that easy. Add the Activ Visa Gift Card to your mobile wallet to tap and go!

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