Hawk Marketplace

The easy-to-use B2B rewards management platform


Manage your rewards programs from our easy portal, Hawk Marketplace. It’s your one-stop-shop for rapid reordering, account managing, reporting services and more—all on a mobile-optimised platform.

Order reward cards with maximum efficiency

Hawk Marketplace, is an easy-to-use reward ordering portal for all your corporate  Visa® Prepaid Cards, single merchant gift cards and more. Minimise the complexity and stress of keeping up with multiple card vendors, budgets, and inventories with our robust suite of management tools.

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The Ultimate Guide to Showing Year-Round Employee Appreciation

According to our research, showing year-round appreciation with employee rewards, incentives and other forms of motivation can be the difference between retaining top talent and your employees heading elsewhere. In fact, 35% of employees we asked would seek new employment for better rewards and recognition.¹

The ultimate guide