Australian Terms and Conditions

Please read Gift Card terms (on the packaging or the card) carefully before purchasing a card. The card issuer, not the seller, is generally responsible for such terms (and their compliance with Australian Securities and Investment Class Order 05/738) and for honoring the card.

From 31 March 2018 in NSW:

  • Most gift cards and vouchers sold are valid for a minimum of three years, even if they are pre-printed with a shorter expiry period.
  • Once gift cards and vouchers are purchased, administration fees that reduce the card balance are prohibited, however, transaction costs such as booking fees and foreign currency conversion fees can be applied.

Some gift cards and vouchers are exempt – further details at

Please take notice of any expiry date applicable to the card. Card user should use all of the value of the card before the expiry date, if any, as card will be invalid after expiry date and unused value may be retained by the issuer and not refunded.

The terms will vary for each card issuer; please refer to terms for details about changes thereof. By purchasing or using a card you agree to the terms for that card. Purchaser should inform card user that user will be bound by the card terms.

The amount on the card cannot be increased after the card has been issued, except to reverse a non-cash payment in the case of a refund or to correct an error. Gift cards are not normally redeemable for cash.

Pending activation, cards may not be redeemable for up to 24 hours after purchase.

You will have certain rights under consumer protection and trade practices laws that cannot be excluded. Except for such rights, all other conditions or warranties implied at law are excluded.

All trademarks on any cards shown are the property of their respective owners and are used with their permission.

Visa cards can be used for purchases of goods and services where prepaid Visa cards are accepted and processed electronically (excluding cash and cash equivalent transactions at ATM’s over the counter at Financial Institutions and merchants and merchant groups who elect not to accept Visa prepaid gift cards).