Blackhawk Celebrates “Hawk-O-Ween”

Halloween at Blackhawk is a much-anticipated holiday marked by creativity and fun. Every year, the company begins celebrating the week before Halloween with a number of festive activities.

This year, each of Blackhawk’s departments in its Pleasanton office chose a different Disney theme to inspire their Halloween decorations. Work spaces and common areas were transformed by employees to evoke the aquatic dwellings of The Little Mermaid, the swashbuckling pirate ship from Peter Pan, and the whimsical tea party from Alice in Wonderland, to name just a few.

Corporate office employees were encouraged to show off their culinary and carving skills in separate dips-and-chips and pumpkin contests. Winners were selected by employee votes and were awarded prizes for the tastiest and most creative submissions.

Blackhawk’s annual Halloween costume contest was judged by Blackhawk’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Bill Tauscher; Chief Financial Officer, Jerry Ulrich; Chief Marketing Officer, Teri Llach; and VP Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer, Joan Lockie. Employees modeled their inventive outfits in front of the executives and their colleagues to compete for cheers and year-long bragging rights.

The week’s festivities concluded with indoor Trick-or-Treating at Blackhawk’s Pleasanton office. Employees were invited to bring their children to the office to admire the decorations and costumes, and get an early start on collecting candy and other treats.

In addition to the activities at corporate headquarters, Blackhawk’s offices in El Salvador, Lewisville, Miramachi (Canada), Phoenix and Cardpool in San Francisco joined in on the fun with celebrations of their own.

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