Blackhawk Employees Enjoy a Diwali Celebration

One of the great things about having an ethnically diverse group of employees is that we get to enjoy the fun traditions and delicious delicacies offered by different cultures.

With today’s Diwali celebration, the office was full of great energy for this Hindu festival of lights — which is one of the happiest holidays in India and many neighboring countries. It brings family and friends together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness — the light of inner knowledge overcoming ignorance and good over evil.

The Diwali festival, which is believed to be a harbinger of joy and prosperity, is held during the late October/early November new moon — the darkest night in autumn. Celebrants light the darkness with oil lamps, candles and lanterns — and fireworks!

Our employees lit up the room with their vibrantly colored clothing and room decorations to mark the occasion. They spent the lunch hour dancing, getting henna tattoos and dining on traditional Indian food. It was a great way to share lots of laughs with our Blackhawk family while honoring this ancient ritual.

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