Blackhawk Network Research, Executives Featured in FierceRetail

In a new feature article, FierceRetail highlighted findings from Blackhawk’s recent study, “Branded Value: Rewarding Experiences Driving Consumer Engagement and Spending,” and included commentary from two Blackhawk executives about the research.

Blackhawk CEO and President, Talbott Roche, discussed the evolution of brand connection, and explained how branded value has kept brands as powerful as ever. Roche also shared that the research confirmed that there is a powerful opportunity for marketers to provide branded value solutions that can solve a host of marketer pain points including cart abandonment, declining foot traffic, new customer acquisition or faltering loyalty.

Blackhawk’s Chief Marketing Officer, Teri Llach, also shared insights about existing levels of consumer trust, and how trust in brands compared to other entities like social networks and the media.

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