Blackhawk Network Research Identifies UK Gift Card Buyer Trends

Gift Cards

A Blackhawk survey of nearly 1,000 gift card buyers in the UK has revealed why UK residents give gift cards. A number of factors contributed to the intent and ultimate purchase of gift cards including shopping in a hurry, price sensitivity and a need for emotional meaning when gift giving. Several of the top research findings included:

  • “Busybodies,” a 35 and younger segment, were defined as shoppers in a hurry who mostly prefer to buy items online. Seventy-three percent in this shopper profile like to give cards more than they do other types of gifts, with sixty-two percent likely to use smart devices to make their gift card purchases.
  • The “Let’s Shop” group, marked by homemakers and retirees, tend to spend more on gift cards, with eighty-nine percent indicating they like to give the cards because people like to receive them.
  • The “Emotional Gifter,” a female-skewed segment, like to buy gifts that have an emotional attachment in place. Eighty percent of these shoppers say they choose to buy gift cards only when nothing else catches their eye.

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