Blackhawk Network Survey Shows Omnichannel Shopping Reigns Supreme

Shoppers continue to use a variety of methods when researching and purchasing gifts, making it imperative for retailers to meet consumer needs across multiple channels and provide them with a consistent and easy-to-use brand experience. Findings from a recent Blackhawk Network consumer survey shows that consumers want a convenient shopping experience this holiday season and will be using a mix of traditional, online and mobile ways to shop as a result. Key findings from the survey revealed that omnichannel shopping reigns supreme including:

  • When researching gifts to purchase, more consumers look online (73 percent) rather than using other methods, like visiting physical retail outlets (66 percent) or asking people what they want to receive (46 percent).
  • While most consumers still purchase gifts by visiting a physical retail outlet (84 percent), they also use a variety of digital channels to shop, including: online via computer (78 percent), via retailer apps (20 percent), online via smartphone (16 percent), and within social networks (five percent).
  • When thinking about the upcoming holiday season, 52 percent of shoppers plan to purchase gifts digitally using their computer or mobile device, or via retailer mobile apps.

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Mobile Gifting

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