Boost Gaming Launch Introduces One-Stop Shop for Gamers, Unprecedented Support of Content Creators

New eCommerce platform enables streamers and content creators to share in success through innovative referral program


PLEASANTON, Calif. – Nov. 19, 2020 – Blackhawk Network today announced the launch of its exciting new Boost Gaming platform in time for the holiday season. With recent research predicting that the global gaming market is expected to top $200 billion by 20221 , Boost Gaming offers gamers a one-stop shop for digital gaming purchases and gifts, while supporting streamers and content creators with a unique referral program. The platform is poised to elevate the entire gaming industry, as well as the content creator model that continues to propel its growth.

Boost Gaming is now available to consumers and affiliate partners in the United Kingdom and US, with a global launch expected in 2021. Participating brands include Xbox®, PlayStation® and Nintendo®, among other top favorites. The Boost Gaming platform gives a variety of options for gamers to purchase gift cards and digital top-ups for their favorite games and publishers, making it an easy, centralized option for gamers.

With Blackhawk seeing over 80% growth in its gaming category over the past three years2 , Boost Gaming represents a tremendous opportunity for continued category growth, while tapping into the content creators who are helping drive the category’s popularity. Boost Gaming partners will receive a percentage of referral sales driven by their unique affiliate link, giving them an additional stream of revenue and a fantastic new product to share with their fans and supporters.

“The global gaming market is exploding, and we see an immense opportunity to help elevate the content creators that are such a big part of that growth,” said Brett Narlinger, head of global commerce at Blackhawk Network. “We know that gamers are a fiercely loyal, supportive group to their favorite streamers, content creators and eSport athletes, and the idea of providing a referral hub for support and a one-stop shop for top-ups and gifts represents a truly innovative growth point for the industry.”

Boost Gaming will tap content creators reaching thousands to millions of viewers and supporters each month. Partners, including Rumble Gaming, a leading global esports talent agency and gaming media company, are helping to connect Boost Gaming to its key audiences at launch. Rumble will activate some of its premier influencers to promote the platform across a variety of genres and games.

“Boost Gaming offers supporters and viewers with an easy way to support their favorite content creators, while also providing a resource to buy top-ups and gifts,” said Evan Kubes, President of Rumble Gaming. “We’re thrilled to be involved with the launch; and with new consoles released as part of an exciting holiday season, Boost Gaming will be the perfect resource for content creators and gaming fans alike.”

Learn more about Boost Gaming by visiting (UK) or (US).

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[1] The Global Games Market Report, light version was published by NewZoo in 2019.

[2] Based on Blackhawk Network sales data and trend information, 2020.