Are You Ready for Back-to-School?

Back to school

We’ve been writing about making the most of your promotions calendar for months. Have you been paying attention in blog class?

  • Have you learned how to maximize profits and sales as we move into the big-time fall and winter opportunities?
  • Have you tried different promotions to see what works best?
  • Did you take advantage of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and all the other days?
  • Did you make sure all your promotions are gift card-based and not just about discounting your brand

No, you won’t be tested on any of this. But you will have some year-end numbers to answer to. Speaking of numbers, let’s take a look at the back-to-school opportunity.

Back-to-Class Means Back-to-Spending

As more students ditch Zoom and their kitchen classrooms to return to real classrooms, back-to-school spending will also return. Clothing sales definitely suffered while we all stayed at home, but, according to Customer Growth Partners, apparel and accessories sales will soar 46% from 2020 during the back-to-school season.1

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s projected spending from the annual NRF Back-to-School Spending Survey:2


Each family with children in grade school
plans to spend $948.90 - a total of $37.1 billion!


Each family with college students
plans to spend $1,200.32 - a total of $71 billion!


Combined, that’s more than 5x this year’s Father’s Day spend - which is why this shopping season should also be one of your promotion seasons.

This Lesson Bears Repeating

Although we at Blackhawk Network strive to always give you new information to help you succeed, some things - like this - bear repeating.

In our Father’s Day blog, we shared the following fact.3


62% of consumers say they can’t even complete a purchase
before searching around for some kind of offer.


The lesson? People not only love promotions, but they seek them out. They want value. They want more for their money. And if you run a back-to-school promotion and your competition doesn’t, they will shop with you.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a bonus gift card promotion: spend $50 on back-to-school and get a $10 gift card for yourself. A promotion like this will help you sell more merchandise, bring in new customers, increase revenue and bring a lot of those customers back to spend even more money.

The Clincher

Back to school

One more thing: We're not pushing gift card promotions just because we're in the gift card business. We're pushing gift card promotions because people want - and are planning to buy - gift cards. Here's one more fact (the clincher) from the NRF research:2


48% of those surveyed plan to
purchase gift cards for back-to-school.


Time to Take the Final (Step)

Again, the big fall opportunities are coming. Are you ready? Whether for back-to-school, the winter holidays or anything in between, the promotional experts at Blackhawk Network are standing by to help. So, take the final step.

Just click here to get started or call 866.219.7533.

1. Booming Back-to-School Shopping Season May Give Retailers Lift They Need, Bloomberg, July 2021

2. The NRF Annual Back-to-School Spending Survey, 2021

3. RetailMeNot Incrementality Study, March 2018

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