When Health Care Reward Programs are Done Right, Everybody Wins

As a health care plan manager, you have probably already considered running a reward program to encourage healthy behaviours in your members. The potential benefits of these programs are simply too attractive to ignore, including:

  • An increase in healthy outcomes for your members
  • A reduction in health care costs for both you and your members
  • A reduction in time off due to illness

But that’s just the big picture. When you get into the details of a program, that’s when the real benefits for both health care plans and members become more apparent.

Health Care Reward Infographic

Choosing Your Incentives Solutions Provider

Planning and executing a health care plan reward program can be a challenging proposition, even for the most experienced manager. But if your plan begins with choosing the right provider, even the most complex program can run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Here are a few services or capabilities you should look for in your incentives solutions provider:

  • An understanding of your members’ reward preferences
  • A comprehensive selection of plastic and virtual rewards
  • Easy-to-understand reward redemption
  • HIPAA-HiTech compliance
  • End-to-end program management capabilities
  • Fraud prevention and security
  • Member-friendly communication and delivery vehicles
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Health care plan onboarding and training
  • Reporting options
  • Ongoing program evaluation

Of course, Blackhawk Network offers all of the above, and much more. As the leader in rewards, incentives and program management—including health care—we have the experience and expertise to ensure your program is a win/win for both your health care plan and your members.

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