Consumers Use Gift Card Exchanges as a Way to Save Money

Blackhawk Network conducted a U.S. survey of more than 1,100 consumers who examined gift card buying and usage behaviors, including their knowledge and acceptance of gift card exchanges—online marketplaces, mobile apps or in-store locations that allow consumers to sell gift cards receiving cash or certain gift cards as tender and/or buy gift cards at a discount.

The survey revealed that consumers would use gift card exchanges as a way to save money. Of the consumers who actively engage in deal-finding behaviors such as clipping coupons, seeking out sales and submitting rebates:

  • Sixty-five percent would consider using a gift card exchange to buy gift cards at a discount before a major shopping occasion.
  • Sixty-eight percent would use gift card exchanges as a cost-savings method to purchase gift cards for their own use at favorite stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Sixty-six percent would add selling and buying gift cards from exchange sites to their regular deal-finding behaviors.

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Blackhawk Gift Card Exchange


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