Dominant Retail Brands Use Gift Cards to Out-Gift You

Retail Systems Research and Blackhawk Network discover what top retail brands are doing to earn top rankings and learn about the new, innovative ways they’re using digital gift cards across their businesses to gain market share, drive sales and motivate consumers. The discussion touches upon gift card use for marketing promotions, product warranties, customer service appeasement, product returns and trade-in programs.

Some of the evaluation criteria include:


Is the offering easy to find on desktop, mobile web and in-app? Is gifting prioritized as a selling strategy?

The Buyer Experience

How quickly is the egift delivered? Are there many faceplate and personalization options?

The Recipient Experience

Is the egift easy to redeem? Are there mobile wallet integrations? Is the card reloadable?



Nikki Baird: Managing Partner, Retail Systems Research

Steve Rowen: Managing Partner, Retail Systems Research

Joe Keenan: Executive Editor, Total Retail

Tom Boucher: Vice President Velocity B2B Services