Fulfilling Holiday Wishes at Blackhawk Network

The Giving TreeIt’s that time of year again as the Blackhawk family shows our generous side by helping make dreams come true for needy children and families in our community. Many of us really look forward to giving our holidays more meaning by adding cheer to others’ celebration.

Thanks to our partners at the Family Giving Tree, it couldn’t be easier to put a smile on a deserving child’s face. We’ve set up a Blackhawk Family Giving Tree in the 5th floor lobby of our Pleasanton, California headquarter office. The tree covered with “Wish Cards” represents the exact wish of a local child in need.

Our Blackhawk elves simply select one or more cards from the tree, then fulfill that wish — whether it’s a toy, clothing or other requested gift. This year, the Family Giving Tree has also asked that each gift include an age-appropriate toothbrush to brighten up those holiday smiles — and the child’s dental health. Cash gifts are also welcome as the Family Giving Tree will be able to pool the money together to leverage generous merchant discounts.

Unwrapped gifts and cash envelopes should be dropped off at the Blackhawk café on Monday, December 9. We’ll start collecting at 10:00 am and can’t wait to see all the gifts that will soon be filling the Blackhawk sleigh! We’ve pledged to fulfill 200 Wish Cards this year. Requested gifts can be found at https://vgt.familygivingtree.org/blackhawknetwork

If you’d like to learn more about the Family Giving Tree — the great organization that brings together generous elves with kids in need — you can go to www.familygivingtree.org.

Thanks to everyone for your generous support.

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