Handset Returns

Handset Returns

Effective 08/15/2013, all returns must be authorized, in advance, through Blackhawk Network’s issuance of a Return Authorization.

For a copy of Blackhawk Network’s Return Policy, contact your Blackhawk Network Account Manager.

All Handset returns must be authorized by Blackhawk Network, in advance, through the assignment of a Return Authorization (“RA”) number and issuance of an RA document. An RA number may be obtained by completing the
following steps:

  1. Submit the completed Handset Return Request Form (download PDF) to obtain an RA number and RA document.The Return Request Form can be submitted via Email or Fax. If no access to Email or Fax, please call the BHN Returns Hotline at (866) 339-3299, between the hours of 9am to 5pm (PST). 
    • Fax: (866) 745-4158
    • Email: bhn.returns@bhnetwork.com
  2. An RA number and associated RA document will be issued by Blackhawk within approximately 72 hours of receipt by Blackhawk Network of the Completed Handset Return Request Form. The RA document will itemize the models and associated quantities approved for return to Blackhawk Network.
  3. The RA document obtained from Blackhawk Network must be included in the box and the RA number must be clearly written on the exterior of the box on (a) both the side panels and (b) on the shipping label.

For complete instructions on processing returns and subsequent credit memos, please contact your Account Manager for additional information.

General Inquiries: Contact the Returns Support Team at (866) 339-3299 or your Blackhawk Network Account Manager.