How to Market to Millennials to Increase Loyalty

Millennials continue to reign supreme, both among marketers in general, and in discussions about incentives and loyalty. The following clips from our 2018 Client Council event offer insight into Millennial reward preferences, mindset, responsiveness to promotions and purchasing habits.

Future of Loyalty


Mastercard’s SVP of loyalty for North America, Trisha Asgeirsson, talks about the Millennial desire for personalized experiences; how consumers are shaping the future of customer service; and offers a personal anecdote to illustrate the necessity for companies to pay closer attention to what Millennials and Gen Z have to say about data sharing.


Loyalty & Engagement Best Practices


Blackhawk Network’s VP of marketing, Theresa McEndree, discusses the preference indicators for eGift cards versus physical rewards, and highlights Millennial preferences for digital in three key consumer categories: airlines, retailers and gyms/fitness facilities.


Digital: Benefits, Adoption, Use Cases & Trends


Theresa McEndree talks egift cards, sharing stats on the power of egifts to influence purchase decision, and the Millennial expectation of and response to offer personalization.


Deal Seeking Consumer Trends


A look at the factors affecting purchase decision and shopping habits by generation, with a focus on Millennials’ responses to our Consumer Verticals study.


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