Incentive Solutions Can Help Drive Desirable Behaviors—and Revenue

Leverage the Power of Incentives

Want to acquire new customers? Need to encourage employees to increase productivity? What about sales—are you closing as many deals as you’d like? If your company is focused on increasing revenue—name a company that isn’t, right?—then you need innovative, effective strategies to help you achieve your goals. Thanks to research conducted by the Aberdeen Group, we know that reward-based incentive programs can outperform programs without rewards by 30%.1

Blackhawk Network Incentive Solutions include a broad portfolio of reward card options, including plastic, digital and mobile wallet–enabled incentives to support your program goals. With our proprietary technology, global scale and array of rewards, we are ready to collaborate with you to effectively execute your consumer, employee and sales incentive programs.

For Every Incentive Program, There’s a Perfect Reward Strategy

Incentive programs rely on having highly desirable rewards to get people to take the action you want them to. Whether you are incenting customers, employees, sales teams, program members or anyone else to do something specific, you need the right reward strategy.

To put together the most effective strategy, you need to understand the different types of rewards that people really like. Start by reading this guide, then talk with one of our incentives experts.

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Consumer Incentive Solutions Help Attract and Retain Loyal Customers

Our Consumer Incentive Solutions help you encourage specific consumer behaviors, inspire loyalty and motivate spending through the use of timely, desirable incentives. Most of these solutions rely on our flexible work flows and rules-based validation technology.

We are a leading provider of end-to-end promotion management solutions for reward-based promotions, rebate management and fulfillment services, with a broad portfolio of physical, digital and mobile wallet–enabled reward cards.

Incentive Reseller Solutions Focus on Helping Grow Your Business

When your business could benefit from offering rewards to your clients, you don’t have to become a prepaid card and merchant gift card expert with expertise in compliance issues and fraud mitigation. You can leave all of those details up to Blackhawk Network, and we’ll make sure your clients get the reward cards they need, when they need them. With our proprietary technology, we make it easy for you to offer your clients the seamless reward ordering, fulfillment and reporting that they want.

Blackhawk Network Incentive Solutions offer what you need—speed, choice and customization—to deliver the fast, relevant rewards consumers, employees and salespeople want.

Sales Incentive Solutions Can Help Achieve Stretch Goals

Nothing grows top-line revenue like a well-designed sales incentive program. At Blackhawk Network, we offer reward cards specifically created to influence channel partners to sell your products. Plus, with commercial rebate capabilities to support your indirect sales initiatives, we can help reimburse your resellers for running your promotions in the company’s name. Collaborate with us to make sure your program motivates and rewards all of the preferred sales cycle activities you value and measure—including closed deals.

Employee Incentive Solutions Can Help Increase Employee Engagement

For many years, HR leaders have used a variety of rewards and recognition in the workplace. Trophies, t-shirts, happy hours and more have been used to celebrate individual employee performance, teamwork, wellness milestones, safety goals, holidays and more. These days, though, two out of three employees would prefer a Visa® or Mastercard® Prepaid Card or merchant gift card2 over any other type of incentive.

If you’re looking for employee reward options that will appeal to everyone, partner with Blackhawk Network. We can give you easy access to a portfolio full of Visa or Mastercard options, merchant gift cards, and our exclusive card products—available in plastic, digital and mobile wallet–enabled formats. When it comes to employee rewards, we have the desirable incentives that can help increase workplace engagement.

Visa® and Mastercard® Prepaid Cards

Visa® and Mastercard® Prepaid Cards are popular, desirable and powerful incentives because they can be used everywhere the network’s debit cards are accepted. Plus, they are available in an array of plastic, virtual and mobile wallet–enabled formats, so they can be delivered exactly how your recipients prefer to receive them.

When funded and distributed by companies as part of consumer, employee, loyalty or sales incentive programs, they also offer great marketing benefits. Add your logo to the card to remind the cardholder that you gave them this reward. You can even add a personal touch by including the recipient’s name and a very brief message. And, if you’re looking for long-term incentive card, consider our reloadable options.

If you’d like, you can add our 5% Back feature to your prepaid cards. This option lets cardholders get 5% back on their cards when they use them at participating merchants, including over 90 in the US. The Canadian version includes 20 participating merchants.

Merchant Gift Cards

People certainly love to receive gift cards—in fact, according to the National Retail Federation1, gift cards remain the most requested gift for a twelfth consecutive year. That’s why they are also desirable incentives. For example, recognize and reward healthy habits with gift cards for pharmacies or athletic supply stores. Or send your customers an egift to thank them for their loyalty and encourage them to buy from you again.

Gift cards—in either plastic or digital formats—can be an important part of your customer, employee, loyalty or sales incentive strategy. Request your copy of “50 Gift Card Ideas You’ll Flip Over” today to learn how you can use your branded payments to help your incentive program succeed—and more.

1The NRF 2018 Holiday Spending Survey was conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. The survey of 7,313 adult consumers was conducted October 1–11, 2018, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.2 percentage points.

Uniquely Ours: Beyond the Basic Gift Cards

At Blackhawk Network, we take pride in leading the branded payments industry with new and exciting products that people love to receive as incentives. And because they all offer choices, they’re sure to include something that will delight everyone.

Happy Card Gift Cards

Take an interest, hobby or holiday, add six to eight popular merchants and—voilà!—you have a Happy Card gift card that makes any incentive feel more personal. These cards can be used at one or more of the brands shown, making them flexible and fun to receive and use.

Spafinder Gift Cards

Welcome at thousands of locations, this gift cards lets you give wellness, fitness, pampering and more. Whether recipients prefer barre or bootcamp, massage or meditation, Spafinder is a great way to give a stress-reducing experience.

The MAX Prepaid Card

Want to give a group of people a prepaid card, but can’t decide which merchant to choose? We have the perfect solution for you: The MAX Prepaid Card, which can be used at 150 popular stores, restaurants and more.

The Preferences Prepaid Card

Looking for an incentive card that is customized to support your program goals? Choose the Preferences Prepaid Card, which uses our patented DirectSpend® technology to let you determine exactly where the funds can be spent. Whether you want to create a card specifically for pet lovers, healthcare plan members or travel aficionados, you have the option with Blackhawk Network.

Why Blackhawk Network Should Be Your Incentive Solutions Partner

Blackhawk Network offers a robust catalog of rewards to inspire target audiences, providing the promotions management and technology to streamline launch and execution.

Rich industry insights and data analytics fuel innovations in Blackhawk Network Incentive Solutions. As you invest in consumer, employee and sales initiatives, we are increasing capabilities to track digital reward redemption to provide you better insights. Through marketing and technology integration, we generate insights related to rebates and reward-based promotions, tracking recipient behaviors and actions to improve promotions and confirm your investment returns.

This is the expertise you can expect from Blackhawk Network. We have a history of innovation, we collaborate with our partners to increase reach, loyalty and revenue through branded payments—the prepaid products, technologies and network that connect brands and people. With a presence in 26 countries, we reliably power Incentive Solutions worldwide.

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1Aberdeen Group. The Next Generation Promotion Study had 212 managers, directors, vice presidents and C-suite respondents representing US-based companies that use a variety of promotional strategies. March 2018.

2The Efficacy of Employee Rewards was an online survey of 1,472 employed US adults conducted in 2018 by Murphy Research.