Put Gift Cards on Your Menu

Would you like your restaurant to be more successful? Put gift cards on your menu. BHN is experienced in gift cards, restaurants and driving business success. Find out what we can do for you.

restaurant gift cards

Industry experts

We speak from experience. The gift card programs of our restaurant partners typically bring in an additional 2–5% of their total annual revenue.1

  • Casual Dining: 5–10%
  • Quick-Serve and Coffee: 1–20%

industry experts in restaurant gift cards

Additional revenue

A robust gift card program can increase your annual revenue by 3% or more. Plus, when they use their gift cards, diners typically spend more than the gift card’s value.2 It’s a very tasty win-win.

additional revenue using gift cards

Drive loyalty

Gift cards bring your brand closer to your customers, both current and potential. Your regulars will buy gift cards as gifts, which will then bring in new diners. These repeat visits drive loyalty, satisfaction and sales.

drive loyalty with gift cards

Promote specials

The popularity of gift cards makes them the perfect promotional vehicle. Whether you promote a food special or a holiday event, you drive sales, engagement and satisfaction. And if you don’t run gift card promotions, you’re leaving money on the kitchen table.3

increase revenue using gift cards


The industry-leading BHN Digital Gifting platform is proven to make buying and using gift cards easy. Even with its built-in promotional capabilities and sophisticated fraud prevention, it’s easy to implement so you can get up and running quickly.