Insights to Enhance Your Gift Card Program

Gift Card eCommerce Evaluation: 2018 Results & Reflections

The 2018 Merchant Gift Card eCommerce Evaluation is essential reading for all gift card program stakeholders. In this webinar, Nathan Safran of NAPCO Research will share unpublished data from the 2018 Gift Card eCommerce Evaluation and will discuss with Marina Hodges of Blackhawk Network how merchants can act on the insights and trends highlighted in the report to further enhance their gift card program.

This is an exclusive opportunity to gain the unique perspective of the report’s lead researcher including:  

Deeper analysis, more data and findings revealed:

Learn which merchants excelled in discoverability, recipient experience, mobile app experiences, B2B offerings and more. 

Year-over-year comparisons:

For the first time, see how the industry looks year over year, where merchants have improved, where they haven’t, and the key things to focus on this year.

Opportunities for growth:

Gain the knowledge you need to focus and optimize your gift card ecommerce program for growth in 2019.



Marina Hodges: Senior Director, Product Marketing, Blackhawk Network

Nathan Safran: Director, Research, NAPCO