Blackhawk Network is a market leader with a vast presence in 13 countries throughout Europe, with offices in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Blackhawk Network Europe West

Blackhawk Network Europe West, a division based in the UK, has expertise in employee and consumer engagement and incentives, retail, themed gift cards, and offers physical and digital solutions.

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Consumer Engagement

Blackhawk’s engagement solutions can drive specific consumer and sales channel actions and brand engagement through rebates, incentives, offers, deals and loyalty rewards.

Employee Engagement

Our Employee Success Platform positively connects employees to the company and to each other. The platform’s intuitive interface aligns everyone with business objectives and company values through recognizing shared victories every day.

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Themed Gifting

To give consumers the choice they love, Blackhawk Network developed a unique category of leisure and lifestyle gift cards that combines the best brands in categories such as dining, spa and movies.

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Connecting Brands and People

Hawk Incentives in Europe offers powerful incentive solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be. Whether you’re seeking customer or employee rewards or sales incentives, we have the right platforms, rewards and services for your business. With over 600 reward options to choose from, you’re sure to find a solution that gets results by connecting with participants on their terms and offering an enjoyable user experience.

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Blackhawk Network GmbH

Blackhawk Network GmbH, founded in Cologne, Germany in 2007 under the name Retailo AG, became a part of Blackhawk Network in December 2013, and is a leading multi-channel distributor of branded value products and solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Blackhawk Network GmbH maintains a network of over 50,000 points of sale at retail outlets in gas stations, lottery agencies, supermarkets, drugstores, and bank branches throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We offer over 100 of the best gift card brands including Douglas, IKEA, Saturn, iTunes, Google Play, Zalando and Blackhawk also offers a separate payment area for e-money products such as rechargeable prepaid cards, web shop solutions, and smartphone and social media apps.

As branded value solutions gain prevalence in companies globally, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions GmbH is also a full service B2B provider of gift card and credit card solutions for marketing, sales and HR.

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Innovative Digital Solutions

In addition to “offline” distribution, Blackhawk Network GmbH increasingly utilizes online channels and offers multiple solutions for digital gift content. For example, Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) and Blackhawk Network GmbH offer digital vouchers for a number of internet banking providers. Blackhawk’s payment solution also supplies thousands of points of sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with prepaid cards, rechargeable online shopping cards and CINEMA vouchers on the basis of e-money.

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