Introducing Blackhawk Network’s Developer Central

Blackhawk Network recently launched Developer Central, a portal for its distribution partner community. Developer Central provides developer tools, learning material and documentation for building applications that use Blackhawk digital services to manage and sell prepaid eGift products.

Digital distribution partners who implement digital wallets, ecommerce and various applications will find Developer Central a welcome resource, full of features aimed at providing a world-class developer experience:

  • Centralized location for easy access to our documentation, including API reference materials, articles, FAQs and technical notes
  • Business tutorials to help developers understand use cases addressed by Blackhawk digital services
  • Tools to help developers learn how to integrate with our services and monitor API calls made by an application
  • Tools to enable partners to demo our services without having an application built

With Developer Central, Blackhawk Network aims to provide tools to spur innovation within the industry. Partners and others in the digital community can use Blackhawk’s API resources to further develop digital solutions, whether it’s online, on a mobile device, or through social networking. This, in turn, may provide new touch points for consumers to access partner products and allow interested partners to deliver the digital experience consumers expect.

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