Fast and Fun Promotion Ideas for a Slow Mid Year  

As we continue on our journey through your promotional calendar, we bump into the traditionally slow months of May and June. If the next big-time promotional window isn’t until Mother’s Day, what are you supposed to do in the months ahead? 

Fortunately for you, the team at Blackhawk Network have a lot of ideas. Overall, these ideas are about finding opportunities (excuses, really) to promote your brand or products. Not only will this get you a bump in sales, but your customers will appreciate the timely holiday or event reminders. 


The Not-Quite-Mother’s-Day Opportunities 

Not everything has to be Mother’s Day to have a positive impact on your numbers. There are a handful of great opportunities in April through to June, but they need to match up with your brand, products or services. And if you’re not sure what kind of promotion to run during these occasions, check out this blog for some suggestions. 


  • 1st May – Labor Day (Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos) 

Labor day is an annual public holiday that takes place on the 1st of May in many Asian countries to celebrate the achievement of workers. This holiday could be the perfect opportunity to run and extend your promotions for a long weekend special or even come up with creative discounts for your consumers.  


  • 14th June – Dragon Boat Festival (Hong Kong) 

The Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong is an annual public holiday celebrated on fifth day of the fifth moon every year. Hong Kong residents join in on boat races that take place near Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour to honor Chu Yuan. Today provides a opportunity in your promotional calendar to run a specialised promotion for your consumers. 


  • End of Financial Year periods across Asia 

It’s also important to take into account of the End of Financial Year periods. In Singapore and Indonesia – the End of Financial Year ends on the 31st of December, whilst in Hong Kong the financial year finishes on the 31st of March. Mark your promotional calendar to take into account for these various dates as it can provide the perfect opportunity to run tailored promotional marketing activity to attract your customers to spend.  


The Sillier (But Still Effective) Opportunities 


We don’t know who decides on these  unique international holidays, but we’re glad they exist. They provide niche promotional opportunities for certain brands and products. And they’re just fun. Here are just a few of our favorite unique holidays. 


  • 1st May —Herb Day 

If you’re a gardening lover and enjoy growing your own tasty herbs, this holiday is for you! Does your business provide fresh produce or gardening products? Why not run a promotion on this day for your customers. 


  • 2nd May —Baby Day 

For all mums, dads and bubs, the 2nd of May is Baby Day. This day is a celebration for all the newborn babies born in 2021. As all newborn parents know, time is of the essence when it comes to scouring the best sales and promotional deal opportunities online. Why not celebrate this day by providing a promotional discount on baby products. 


  • 3rd June—World Bicycle Day 

For all cycling lovers, this days for you. If you’re a retailer in bicycles and cycling parts, why not run a promotion? Here’s to more sales! 


  • 8th June—Best Friends Day 

Best friends day is the perfect holiday to show that extra bit of appreciation for your best friend. Here’s the perfect opportunity to run promotions across your business for your customers. It’s the perfect day for your consumers to purchase a gift for their best friend to show their appreciation.  


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