Partner Resources

Blackhawk Network offers an array of expanded services to support our valued partners.

Blackhawk Connect

Blackhawk Connect is our partner web portal, where partners will find a variety of ways to connect with us, manage their relationship, and exchange ideas and information.

Merchant Onboarding

If you are affiliated with a wholesaler and would like to become a Blackhawk Network retail distribution partner, you can submit our online onboarding form.

Electronic Data Interchange

Blackhawk Network can support EDI exchange. Here you will find our Trading Partner Onboarding Form and key specifications to support an expedited implementation process.

North American Logistics Guide/Routing Information

The goal of the North American Logistics Manual is to help our vendors improve their distribution practices and become better suppliers to Blackhawk Network. The requirements in this manual have been developed over time and will ensure that the products delivered to our US and Canadian facilities can be distributed through our network seamlessly. This document includes all inbound requirements; including label specs, how to make an appointment, advanced shipment notifications and compliance issues.

Handset Returns

Here you will find information related to the Handset Returns process including key procedures and forms.

Gift Card Questions

Send questions about or problems with Gift Cards including issues with card activation or redemption, lost or stolen cards, questions with the Reconciliation/Settlement file, etc. Please use our Gift Card Questions form to submit your inquiries.

Terminal Solutions/PayGo

Blackhawk provides terminals or use of the PayGo application for Partners and Merchants as a solution to activate and redeem cards. If you use a Blackhawk terminal or use our PayGo application, then you may contact us using this link (Terminal Solutions/PayGo Questions form) with questions or issues.