New Research from Cyclescheme Uncovers Employee Happiness Trends in the UK

According to new research by Cyclescheme, a Blackhawk Network business based in the UK, employers are using ineffective quick-fix perks in attempts to boost employee morale amidst political and economic uncertainty. These one-off benefits can include things like beers in the afternoon, team lunches or early office closures.

The research found that of the employees surveyed:

  • Only 15 percent of those who received one-off perks over the past year said they would like to receive more of them.
  • Four in 10 said one-off perks don’t improve their long-term happiness at work.
  • Thirty-four percent would respond more to chances to exercise, 28 percent would respond more to time to switch of mentally and 37 percent would appreciate opportunities for a greater work-life balance.

Read more about Cyclescheme’s research here.

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