OmniCard FAQs

Omnicard FAQs


About My Card


Are there any service fees?

Foreign Transaction Fee of 3% of the purchase value is charged for foreign transactions. If your card is lost or stolen, a $5 Replacement Card Fee will be charged to replace your card. If your card has ATM access: A $2 Fee for ATM Withdrawal (USA) to withdraw cash from a U.S. ATM, a $4.75 Fee for ATM Withdrawal (International) to withdraw cash from a foreign ATM, and a $.75 Balance Inquiry to retrieve your balance at an ATM.


Can I use my card at an ATM?

For OmniCard, some of the Visa Reward Cards do have ATM access. Check the back of your card to know for sure. If your card has ATM access, the fees will be described. If the back of your card does not contain ATM usage fees, then your card does not have ATM access.


Does my card expire?

YES. Your card expires on the date printed on the front of your card. Once that expiration date is reached, your card will no longer be usable and the funds will not be accessible. We strongly recommend that you use your card well ahead of the expiration date.


How do I use my card?

You may use your Visa® or Mastercard® Reward Card to obtain goods or services everywhere Debit Mastercard or Visa debit cards are accepted.

When you make a purchase you should ask the cashier to run it as a Credit transaction.

Each time you use your card, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your card balance. Before you go shopping, you’ll need to know how much money you have available. Merchants cannot tell you how much money you have remaining on the card.

Knowing your balance before you shop will help assure that your card is accepted. You can check your balance anytime by clicking on the Check Balance link on this website.


I received a credit from a merchant, but it is not reflected in my card balance.

A credit provided by a merchant will be reflected in your account in 3-7 business days.  If more than 7 business days have past, please contact the merchant to verify the credit was done correctly.


Do you have questions about your order, or would you like to place an order?  

Please contact our sales department at 888.682.7958 or you can chat with us by going to



Most Common Questions and Problems


Are these cards reloadable?

NO, the reward card is non-reloadable. Once the value of the card is depleted, the card is no longer valid. However, we recommend keeping the card until you are certain that items purchased with the card will not need to be returned.


Can I change the name on the card?

If it is a plastic card, the name in the plastic cannot be changed, however, this would not affect its card usage. If it is a virtual card, the name associated to the virtual account can be modified upon the registration process.


Why did I receive this card?

Many companies use to purchase reward or incentive cards for their employees, clients or customers. The specific reason why the reward or incentive card was purchased for you is not shared with us. Rest assured, this is not a credit or debit card, so no charges are taken from you, and it was already paid for by the company that sent you the card. For more details, we recommend contacting the purchasing company directly.


Why is the balance of my card lower than what it should be?

If you were making a purchase and the transaction was either canceled out by the merchant or declined, the merchant transaction system most likely put a hold on those funds. This is common with some transactional systems where the merchant is authorizing the amount of the transaction, but not taking the funds until a later time. For instance, if you buy a product online you may see that your card is not charged until the product ships.

When this occurs, if your purchase using your card was not finalized, the merchant will issue those funds back onto the card but this can take 7-10 business days. Please check your balance after 7-10 business days of the transaction in question and if they are still not showing up call the toll-free number on the back of your card to speak with an agent.


Why was I not able to use the card for an online purchase?

Most online shopping carts have a security measure in place to verify the ‘billing address’ and name associated with the credit or debit card. When your card was purchased, your address and/or name may not have been assigned to the card. To change this, go to and select “Register Card” from the options. You will need to enter the 16-digit card number and the 3-digit CVV/CVN from the back of the card and then select the “Register Card” button. You will then follow the instructions to input your home address.

If you need to update your registration information, contact Customer Service at 1-877-357-4975. Then when using the card online, make sure to use the address you registered the card under as the Billing Address in the shopping cart.


Some transactions that are not allowed include:

  • Recurring bill payments
  • Money orders/wire transfers
  • Betting/gambling (allowed in Canada)
  • Dating/escort services


Why was my card declined at a restaurant?

Restaurants and other service merchants often run a card for 20 percent more than the total bill to cover gratuity. If the card will not cover the additional amount, ask the cashier to run the card for the bill amount only. Be prepared to pay the gratuity or bill difference with another form of payment.


Why was I not able to use my card at a gas station?

Payment processing terminals at gas stations may vary. In general, the best way to use your card at a gas station is to pay inside. Tell the attendant to only charge the amount you specify and to run the card as a “credit” transaction.


Why is my card not working?

The most common answer to this is the purchase amount you were attempting may have been greater than the available balance on your card. The transaction systems for many retailers & merchants are not set up to check your cards balance before authorizing the transaction and they are trying to authorize the card for more than the value on it and it’s being declined. To verify if this is the case, please check your card balance and make sure it is equal to or more than your purchase amount.