Customer Rewards

Whether you’re striving to improve customer acquisition, loyalty or retention goals, you need an effective incentive strategy. Offering rewards that customers really want can help ensure the success of your program—but how do you choose just one reward that appeals to everyone?

Blackhawk Network gives you a wide variety of solutions to please your card recipients. Merchant gift cards, customised Mastercard® and eftpos prepaid cards, Visa prepaid cards or one of Blackhawk’s exclusive options will make your new customers feel appreciated by you and your company.

Personalisation Makes Customers Feel Good

Whichever solution you choose, be sure to personalise your delivery email. Your customer wants to be recognised as an individual, and including their name and a brief message will remind them that they are one of your most valued patrons.

Let our incentive experts help you put together the best rewards strategy for your customer acquisition, loyalty, retention or referral program.