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Mastercard® and Visa® Prepaid Cards

Almost universally accepted, customizable Mastercard and Visa Prepaid Cards make terrific incentives and rewards. We make it easy, fast and hassle-free for you to order bulk prepaid cards for your incentive programs. Start by choosing the option that works best for you and your recipients. You can get customized bulk prepaid cards in as few as 7–10 business days.

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Predesigned Prepaid Cards

Our plastic predesigned cards can be personalized and shipped in bulk to you—or directly to your recipients.


Design Your Own

To promote your brand, just add your logo to a prepaid card. Choose from several predesigned card options or design your own.

Virtual Rewards

In today’s digital era, Virtual Prepaid Mastercard cards are the fastest, easiest way to send rewards. Delivered directly to an email inbox—probably on their ever-present smartphones—these incentives are ready to use almost immediately.

Gift Cards

Hundreds of Options—Bulk Gift Cards for Your Business

Gift cards offer memorable rewards for recipients. From restaurants to retailers and more, browse our catalogue of plastic and eGift cards from hundreds of the nation’s most popular brands. We make it simple for you: have bulk gift cards shipped to you for distribution or if you prefer, directly to recipients.

GrubHub Gift Card on smartphone

Physical Gift Cards

Choose plastic gift cards from hundreds of individual merchant brands across the US and Canada.

eGift Cards

eGift cards make rewards fast and convenient for everyone. They’re a great option for incentive programs or anytime you want to quickly reward someone for a job well done.

Multi-Store Cards

Give the gift of choice with Multi-Store gift cards and treat your favourite recipient to restaurants, movies, entertainment or shopping, all on one convenient card.  Reward with Five Back Reward Cards, Happy Cards, WaySpa® Cards, Life Experiences or Entrée Cards.

Customization in the Design Lab

Create Your Own Custom Prepaid Cards in the Design Lab

Here’s an easy way to fully customize your prepaid cards to reflect your brand’s personality. Choose from our easy-to-use options, then just upload your logo and send your design to our team. We can ship the cards in bulk to you for distribution or directly to your recipients.

Our Promise

We understand how important it is to reinforce your brand and deliver your message with every card experience. Ordering prepaid card and gift card products and getting them in-hand quickly should be hassle-free. That’s why we stand behind our promise to give you customization, choice and convenience with every solution we offer.


Blackhawk Network On Demand makes it easy for you to customize your Mastercard and Visa Prepaid Cards. You can add your logo, your chosen background art, recipient names and a brief message. Grow your brand identity and make recipients feel special with custom prepaid cards that are as unique as your business.


We give you hundreds of prepaid card and gift card choices—both plastic and digital—so you can select the right option for your program. Choose from Mastercard and Visa Prepaid Cards, merchant gift cards, and other rewards that are exclusively ours.


We provide a fast, hassle-free way to order on our  self-service ordering portal. Create your account and start placing orders soon—generally within 7-10 business days.  And if you want to collaborate with an incentives expert, you can get insights to help you identify the right rewards for your program.

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