eCodes offer choice and flexibility within your campaign. You can set the expiration dates and customize the brands for redemption so that your incentive supports your desired outcome and aligns with what you want your audience to receive.

A Modern Twist on Gift Cards

Welcome to the modern twist on gift cards. Send employees an eCode they can easily redeem at an online gift card catalog for virtual or physical reward cards. You can even monitor redemption rates and product selection to collect marketing data.


You create a custom selection of rewards, and your recipients choose the reward they want. 

Optimized Investment

When reward recipients don’t redeem their eCodes, the value gets transferred back to you.


You won’t find a reward distributor that works faster or more reliably than Blackhawk Network. We can help you buy and distribute eCodes quickly and efficiently.


Don’t get bogged down in the details. All you need is the recipients’ email addresses—not a physical home or office location—to deliver these rewards.


Want to know how recipients use their rewards? Blackhawk Network lets you review eCode redemption rates and the reward cards your recipients choose. 

How Gift Codes Works

We Provide

  • A wide selection of gift cards from the most popular brands in both plastic and eGift
  • Fulfillment of gift cards or eGift cards
  • Professional sales and customer support
  • Standard or Custom award code redemption websites that prominently feature your brand during the award code redemption process

You Choose

  • The code value and how codes are delivered: email or print
  • The gift card brands and card types available to your program recipients
  • The expiration date of the codes which controls cost and program duration
  • Whether to reinforce your brand with customizable emails and card carriers
  • Whether to feature your company logo on a custom redemption website or reduce cost and improve speed to market by using an existing award code template

Choose from Top Brands Including:

eGift Catalog Page

Send Contactless Rewards with Virtual Accounts and eGifts

deal for online shopping, virtual accounts and eGifts offer easy options for quick delivery. Choose Prepaid Mastercard® and Visa® Virtual Accounts or single-merchant eGift cards.

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