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About Your Gift Card…

Gift Cards can be used in the United States for fuel, snacks and services
Accepted at nearly 10,000 Chevron and Texaco branded stations in the United States
No hidden fees, No expiration dates

Product Description

Chevron Gift Cards

Pump Start Your Business Reward Loyal Customers Entice New Customers Award Employee Performance

Terms And Conditions

Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the following terms: The gift card is redeemable only for fuel and authorized goods and services at participating Chevron and Texaco stations. Not valid for the purchase of gift cards or lottery of any kind. For a participating location, visit This gift card is not a credit card, debit card, asset account or a deposit account. This card is not redeemable for cash or credit; provided that cards with a balance less than $10 may be exchanged for cash by calling 1-800-352-1090. To report a lost, stolen, damaged or non-working card, call 1-800-352-1090 or Remaining value may be replaced on a lost, stolen or damaged card only if the account number and remaining value on the gift card can be verified. Cards with low balances may not function due to restrictions at certain pumps. This card is issued and administered by SVM, LP. Cards provided for promotional purposes may contain an expiration date, if allowed by law. If no date is shown, then the gift card will not expire. This card is not subject to maintenance fees. Redeemable in the United States only.

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Call a representative at 1-800-972-7481, Monday through Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm CST

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