2022 Employee Engagement and Recognition Key Dates

Workplace holidays, events, and monthly recognition advice As a people leader, we’re likely preaching to the choir when we say it’s been a year. Though we can’t predict how 2022 will turn out, we can take the time to celebrate our most important asset: our employees. Recognition isn’t just a passing trend. In fact, 69% [...]

03 Mar 2022

Love Languages in the Workplace: Employee Recognition Ideas that Go Beyond Thank you

As a people leader, you’ve likely heard phrases like “let’s get on the same page”—or said them yourself. After all, communication is the backbone of any great relationship, at the workplace or otherwise. But in the age of remote work and the Great Resignation, the value of communication runs deeper. In fact, poor communication can […]

08 Feb 2022

9 Unique Employee Wellness Ideas that Go Beyond Physical Health

Does your workplace wellness program need a refresh? Get inspired with these unique and holistic wellness challenges your employees can start doing today! It’s no secret that COVID-19 has transformed the world of work, and workplace wellness is no exception. With many companies struggling to retain and attract new talent, shifting your focus towards holistic […]

19 Jan 2022