eBook – The Gift Smart Guide to Holiday Rewards

If you’re ready to gift smart, check out The Gift Smart Guide to Holiday Rewards. It’s filled with information that will make the holidays easier for you and more rewarding for your recipients, including our top 5 tips for choosing rewards: Make it personal. Shop early. Shop digital. Give back. People want choices. Focus on […]

03 Nov 2021

Infographic: How to Win 2021 Employee Holiday Gifting

If you really want to learn how to gift smart, you need to understand your employees’ holiday gifting expectations and preferences. This easy-to-read infographic covers the below and more: Employee’s gifting expectations Employee’s gifting wishlist items Worst gifts employees have received Then get ready to give your employees (and yourself) a happier holiday. Ready to […]

02 Nov 2021

Five Top Tips to Building Your Rewards Program for Today’s Workforce

“Business as usual” feels like a distant memory. In addition to the upheaval of what used to constitute normal workflows before the COVID pandemic, people have also experienced changes in where they do their work. New research found that 63% of Americans surveyed are working virtually right now*—many for the first time. And working from home […]

10 Aug 2021

Welcome to Today’s Contactless Rewards

Our phones are almost always within an arm’s reach, and we’re connected to them 24/7. People want to be connected. The expectation for fast, contactless rewards is real. To find out how your rewards stack up to the latest with contactless trends, download The Definitive Guide to Contactless Rewards : A Comprehensive Guide to the […]

14 Dec 2020