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NAPCO Employee Incentives Research

As the old adage goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Luckily, NAPCO Research,…
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2023 Inspirations to Give Calendar

You reward employees and customers during the winter holidays, but aren’t there opportunities to show…
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5 Unique Ways to Celebrate National Volunteer Week

They’re not wearing capes or flying around, but volunteers are often the hidden superheroes of…
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Top 23 tips for Employee Incentives for 2023

When you have employees in all different locations and stages in their career, building a…
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5 Ways to Celebrate Your People on Employee Appreciation Day and Beyond

Employee Appreciation Day is almost upon us, and there’s a lot to celebrate. Unemployment this…
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Infographic: Customers Like Reward Cards Throughout Their Journey

Reward cards continue to be a valuable business tool. They bring in new customers, new…
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It’s Like 150+ Rewards in One Card

There’s something to delight everyone because the MAX Prepaid Card is accepted online and in-store at over 150 popular retailers, restaurants, sporting goods stores and even charities.

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