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3 Ways to Increase Employee Wellness Participation

If it were easy to adopt new healthy habits, there wouldn’t be so many fads,…
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The Right Rewards Can Help Improve Proactive Employee Safety Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 3 million on-the-job injuries occurred in 2017.1 Although not…
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Yes, Millennials Do Love Loyalty Programs

As a loyalty program manager, you know that Millennials are a huge segment of the…
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How to Market to Millennials to Increase Loyalty

How to Market to Millennials to Increase Loyalty Millennials continue to reign supreme, both among…
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6 Reward Strategy Tips to Exponentially Increase Employee Participation

Today’s employees consider more than just salary and benefits when they look for a job—they…
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Reward-Based Promotions Beat Discounts

A smart marketer’s toolkit includes a wide array of options to attract, retain and win…
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It’s Like 150+ Rewards in One Card

There’s something to delight everyone because the MAX Prepaid Card is accepted online and in-store at over 150 popular retailers, restaurants, sporting goods stores and even charities.

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