The Time for Digital Rewards is Right Now

Immediate gratification. Delivered directly to where your recipients are – on their smartphones. And ready to spend right away. People expect digital integration in all facets of their day-to-day lives; receiving and redeeming rewards are no exception.

Today’s digital rewards are designed to enhance your engagement strategy, extend your reach and provide you with better economics. Engage with work-from-home employees, boost morale, thank frontline and essential workers, and reward consumers for their loyalty with your choice of digital rewards.


The On Demand Difference


Many of our reward options allow you to add your brand and logo for that personal touch.


We can deliver directly to recipients or provide rewards in bulk to a central contact.


You can gain access to over 200 brands using Blackhawk Network rewards.

eGift Cards

Ideal for online shopping (although they can be used in-store, too), eGifts offer almost instant delivery, and no production or shipping costs. Easy to distribute in bulk, eGifts can be used by any recipient without the need to activate the code or register an account.

eGift Codes

There are some occasions when your target market has varied interests. The best way to make sure your rewards will resonate is to offer them choice – our Select eGift Codes let you offer over 100 options to your recipients.

Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards offer the highest level of security and flexbility, without compromising on choice. They’re spent just like traditional gift cards, but because each card is registered to a recipient’s account, they can’t be lost or stolen – perfect for higher values and repeat rewarding.

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