The Right Way to Show Employee Appreciation

Gift cards and digital rewards are useful for everything from on-the-spot recognition to big employee service milestones.

Use gift cards to reward staff who hit those all-important KPIs, or integrate digital rewards into your employee wellbeing initiative to boost additional engagement.

The On Demand Difference


Many of our reward options allow you to add your brand and logo for that personal touch.


We can deliver directly to recipients or provide rewards in bulk to a central contact.


You can gain access to over 200 brands using Blackhawk Network rewards.

Increase employee satisfaction and boost productivity

77% of employees say they would work harder if they felt better recognised. With the flexibility of choice and ease of administration, a Blackhawk Network reward can be used for any recognition moment, be it big or small.

Performance-based rewards

Having a sound strategy in place to incentivise and reward hard work and resulting success is fundamental when trying to motivate employees.

It’s proven that rewarding little and often is effective, so when your staff complete small milestones, send them an on-the-spot reward. If they hit or exceed a big target, scale up the reward value to recognise the achievement.

Milestone recognition

Rewards aren’t always performance-based. Personal and professional milestones are an important part of the engagement strategy too.

Rewarding for occasions such as long service, birthdays and Christmas show how much you value your staff members. Even a small gesture towards personal occasions will go a long way towards gaining an employee’s trust and loyalty.

Wellbeing initiatives

Well-planned employee health and wellbeing strategies require a broad spectrum of initiatives as no two employees’ needs will be the same.

Providing the power of choice in the type of rewards and incentives received can promote a feeling of value and appreciation.

How does your rewards programme stack up?

As our world gets smaller and increasingly digitised, motivating your employees from afar in the ways they want is a major competitive differentiator. To see how you stack up, download the How to Build a Rewards Programme for Today’s Workforce infographic.

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