Case study: How rebate loyalty programmes can increase company growth

18 Oct 2021

The challenge: Encouraging customer loyalty in a crowded market

When a major UK paint manufacturer came to us to introduce a customer programme that would increase loyalty and acquisition, we knew we had to think outside the one-size-fits-all box. The business-to-business (B2B) audience for this industry is bombarded with promotions daily, therefore to stand out our campaign had to offer customers something different, something memorable, and something of value.

Building brand advocacy, creating a community of ambassadors, and persuading customers to remain loyal and not be tempted away by a competitive price, would be a challenge – a challenge we were happy to accept.

Our solution: Introducing a rebate loyalty programme based on value purchased

Rebate loyalty incentive programmes are one of the best marketing tools for engaging and enquiring new customers, increasing brand awareness, and boosting sales. That’s because they encourage customers to keep returning to your brand as the more they spend with you, the more benefits they receive.

For the major UK paint retailer in question, we understood that to create a customer rebate loyalty campaign with maximum value, purchasing versatility was key. We chose One4all gift cards as they allow customers to choose items they want, rather than rewards chosen by the brand. Not only are they a reloadable multi-retailer gift card, but they’re also customisable to include company logos and branding.

The One4all gift cards were handed out to customers throughout their purchasing journey to encourage them to spend with the B2B paint brand (rather than competitors) and help build a true advocating community. This was based on our experience of customers remaining loyal to a brand that allows them to rack up a wealth of accumulated rewards, rather than having to start fresh with a competitor.

The result: Building customer loyalty one rebate at a time

Our rebate loyalty programme led to an increase in repeat purchase rates and a decrease in the need to offer discounts to encourage customer loyalty.

The rebate incentive also increased customer lifetime value and introduced new brand advocates attracted by the rebate opportunity. In fact, some contractors have tallied up more than £30,000 on their One4all reloadable card, many around the £20,000 mark, and the majority at £10,000.

There’s no denying that offering a rebate loyalty programme is a proven way to increase brand awareness and promote company growth for both big building contractors and small businesses.

In a crowded, niche market a rebate reward scheme can help differentiate you from the competition and boost your reputation as a truly valuable and trustworthy brand that’s a pleasure to do business with, again and again.

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