05 Oct 2021

There’s no denying that gift cards are a great way to attract and retain customers, drive sales, and boost employee engagement. In fact:

Instant rewards

Ordering gift cards in bulk means that your business is always primed to deliver on-the-spot rewards and instant incentives. Think of it as a proactive choice that empowers you to make unplanned positive gestures.

For example, having bulk gift cards lets you recognise and reward employees who have gone above and beyond on the latest project. They also allow you to placate clients and customers with immediate and easy compensation when there’s a delay or disruption to business as usual.

Other occasions where buying bulk gift cards sets you up for success include:

  • Recognising a work anniversary
  • As a reward for completing a survey
  • To attract clients or customers to attend an event
  • To boost customer loyalty and encourage them to share data

Anything but one-size-fits-all

Buying gift cards in bulk doesn’t mean that everyone must receive the exact same reward. Our impressive range of options includes over 200 bulk gift card and eGift card options that can be used for dining out, fashion and beauty, entertainment and leisure, and home and garden.

From Argos and ASOS to Selfridges and Spotify, you can handpick the brands that are most relevant to your employees, customers, and clients.

There’s also the option of bulk buying our exclusive multi-brand cards, which can be used at more than 140 popular retailers, so your lucky recipients have the freedom to choose their favourite high street brands.

Convenience is key

The ease and convenience of buying gift cards in bulk works on two levels. From a business perspective, it’s the perfect way to plan for upcoming events and occasions in addition to the unplanned moments where you need to reward or compensate someone out of the blue.

As for your employees, clients, and customers, gift cards couldn’t be easier to redeem. Whether spending them in-store or online, gift cards are a safe and familiar payment mechanism that can be used in an ever-growing range of popular restaurants and retailers.

A customised choice

When you give a customer a gift card, you want them to remember where it came from. That’s why many of our bulk gift card reward options can be customised to include your company logo and brand.

As many people carry gift cards in their wallets and purses for some time, it’s a great way of increasing your brand recognition and helping to keep your company top of mind.

Flexibly rewarding

When you order bulk gift cards from us, it’s good to know that we’ll process your order to your exact requirements. Whether you need the gift cards delivered physically or digitally, we’ll accommodate your needs.

Ready to buy bulk gift cards for your business?

As the trusted global leader in on-demand rewards with over 775 million retail cards sold each year, your bulk gift cards needs are in safe hands with Blackhawk Network.

So, if you’re keen to place a bulk gift card order with brands your customers, clients, and employees will love, get in touch today.

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