Buy Sainsbury’s gift vouchers online for employee and customer campaigns

06 May 2022

When you’re looking to reward employees or customers, it’s vital to choose an instant reward that offers them flexibility, convenience, and choice.

In this article, we’ll reveal how buying Sainsbury’s gift vouchers online ticks all the boxes. Discover why Sainsbury’s is a popular brand with both staff and shoppers and the many benefits of offering rewards to boost customer loyalty, employee engagement, and business growth.


A brief history of Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s has come a long way since it was established in 1869. Back then, John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann were the proud owners of a single fresh food shop in Drury Lane, London.

Fast forward 153 years and Sainsbury’s now has over 600 supermarkets, 800 convenience stores, and a workforce totalling 189,000. Plus, they’ve expanded their portfolio of brands to include the likes of Argos, Habitat, Tu, Nectar, and Sainsbury’s Bank.

In a recent Which survey, Sainsbury’s placed in the top 10 best supermarkets for UK shoppers both in-store and online.

With such a wide variety of products and brands on offer and the flexibility of being able to redeem in-store nationwide and online, it’s no surprise that Sainsbury’s gift vouchers are a popular way to reward your employees and customers.

Plus, our research highlighted that 86% of consumers use gift cards at retailers they’ve tried in the past, and as Sainsbury’s has a massive 18 million shoppers signed up to its Nectar loyalty programme, it’s highly probable that your customers and employees have previously frequented a Sainsbury’s store.

Reasons to reward your employees

We’ll come on to the benefits of rewarding your employees shortly, but first, let’s review some of the most popular reasons for recognising staff with rewards such as Sainsbury’s gift vouchers.

  • Employee performance: Rewarding staff for working hard, successfully completing a project, or smashing a target is an effective way of encouraging repeat behaviour from them and their colleagues
  • Employee milestones: It’s not all work, work, work-related when it comes to rewards. It’s also good to recognise employees for personal milestones such as birthdays, births, and work anniversaries
  • Company culture: Whether you’re introducing new brand values or encouraging staff to align with your existing guidelines, offering employee rewards is a great incentive
  • Wellbeing initiatives: When you’re looking to persuade employees to sign up for a workplace wellness scheme, rewards can encourage them to take part and stick with it for the long term

The benefits of rewarding employees

Employee rewards aren’t just about changing behaviours. There are employee emotions at play too. For example, our research revealed that employee rewards make employees feel valued (75%), better recognised (77%), and that the company cares about them (75%).

There are multiple benefits from a business perspective too. Recognising employees can lead to a 79% success rate in achieving business goals and make a company 12 times more likely to experience strong business results.

Reasons to reward your customers

As with your employees, it’s important to introduce a variety of ways in which customers can earn rewards, such as Sainsbury’s gift vouchers, for being loyal to your brand.

Of course, one of the most popular methods is when customers make purchases, but you can also incentivise them for other behaviours, including leaving a review for your products or services, following or connecting with your brand’s social channels, signing up for your newsletter or mailing list, and referring a friend (or tagging a friend on social) to join your loyalty scheme.

The benefits of rewarding customers

No less than 85% of business growth comes from loyal customers. When you’re trying to boost customer loyalty, customer rewards such as Sainsbury’s gift vouchers are a proven incentive as 77% of customers report that they are more likely to stick with a brand that rewards loyalty.

Offering customer rewards boosts customer engagement with a brand, which can increase average profit margins by 62% as 63% of customers will adjust their spending habits to get the most benefits from a loyalty scheme.

And let’s not forget that it costs almost five times more to attract a new customer than to generate repeat business from an existing customer (who spends more than 30% more than new customers), making customer rewards a cost-efficient solution.

Why should you buy Sainsbury’s gift vouchers online for employee and customer campaigns?

We’ve already established that, with 18 million loyal customers and numerous brands in its portfolio, Sainsbury’s gift vouchers offer both employees and customers the freedom of choice, no matter where they’re based in the UK.

There’s also a lot of evidence to establish the evergreen popularity of gift vouchers or gift cards over cash. Our research found that 82% of employees want to receive gift cards from their employees, and 75% of people would choose a £50 gift card over £50 cash.

This is because many people use unexpected cash to put towards existing debts where it gets swallowed up and is uneventful, whereas gift cards are seen as an unexpected excuse for people to treat themselves, so can be more memorable.

Sainsbury’s gift vouchers are flexible

With over 600 supermarkets, 800 convenience stores, and a strong online presence, Sainsbury’s gift vouchers are easy to redeem, which is important when 76% of consumers use up a gift card within one month of receiving it.

They can also be given to recognise all manner of customer and employee behaviours.

Sainsbury’s gift vouchers offer instant recognition

When it comes to satisfying customers and employees with rewards, instant gratification is key. That’s because one of the biggest frustrations for customers is having a long wait to receive a reward.

Gift cards (and eGifts in particular) are instant rewards, which is an attractive prospect for Generation Z (who are attracted to loyalty programmes that offer instant gratification) and customers in general, who expect to receive rewards within one to three days.

Sainsbury’s gift vouchers offer a choice

No two customers or employees are the same, so it’s vital to offer them rewards that give them the freedom to choose something particular to them. For this reason, some even see them as the perfect reward to re-gift to friends or family.

Having a choice is one of the reasons why more than two-thirds of employees in the UK would prefer to receive a gift card over any other reward from their employers and 60% of consumers prefer shopping for themselves with a gift card over having someone choose something for them.

With a portfolio of brands such as Argos, Habitat, and Tu, Sainsbury’s gift vouchers give recipients a huge variety of choices. As do our One4all gift cards. The popular multi-retailer gift cards can be used in-store and online with more than 140 brands ranging from dining out and fashion and beauty to entertainment and leisure and home and garden.

Sainsbury’s gift vouchers offer convenience

Gift cards, such as our Sainsbury’s eGift and gift card, offer convenience on multiple levels. First, they are quick and simple to administer, and secondly, they’re easy to redeem both in-store and online.

The convenience of gift cards is a key reason for their popularity with almost every generation. In the past year alone, 97% of boomers, 96% of generation X, 91% of millennials, and 78% of generation z have used gift cards.

Ready to buy Sainsbury’s gift cards in bulk online?


We’re proud to be a global industry leader in gift card rewards for employees and customers. Every year we issue no less than 775 million rewards cards and fulfil £4 billion worth of rewards in 28 countries.

Our Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping eGift or gift card gives recipients access to 30,000 products and can be used in Sainsbury’s stores and coffee shops. Simply tell us how many you need and how much value to add from £1 all the way up to £2,000.

Our extensive gift card range also includes other household brands such as Argos, Boots, Morrisons, Next, Selfridges, WHSmith, and Wickes. In other words, we’ve got something to satisfy all your employees and customers.

To discover the Blackhawk Network difference, get in touch today on 020 4517 5862.

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