Facts about the true impact of reward systems on employee retention

  Employee turnover is a costly business. Once you factor in the time and effort involved with recruiting and training new candidates, it’s no surprise that the average employee exit equates to 33% of their annual salary. Employee turnover can also make it difficult to retain other valuable staff members, and the costs can have […]

12 May 2022

Buy Sainsbury’s gift vouchers online for employee and customer campaigns

  When you’re looking to reward employees or customers, it’s vital to choose an instant reward that offers them flexibility, convenience, and choice. In this article, we’ll reveal how buying Sainsbury’s gift vouchers online ticks all the boxes. Discover why Sainsbury’s is a popular brand with both staff and shoppers and the many benefits of […]

06 May 2022

Intrinsic rewards for employees and examples of how to use them in the workplace

Employee rewards are a proven way to boost employee engagement, productivity, and motivation. Our own research into the effects of rewards on employee performance found that 75% of employees said rewards made them feel valued and showed them that the company cares about them. When you think of employee rewards, you probably conjure up images […]

04 May 2022

The real relationship between rewards and employee performance

Can employee rewards really influence employee performance? All will be revealed in this blog. Along with the reasons why employers choose to reward employees, and the best types of employee rewards to boost motivation, performance, and loyalty. Let’s get started. Reasons to reward employees There are many reasons why you might want to reward staff […]

23 Feb 2022