How employers can use rewards to make King Charles’ coronation memorable

19 Apr 2023

May really is the time to treat your staff like royalty this year.

That’s because, along with the usual bank holidays on Monday 1st and Monday 29th May, this year’s spring calendar also includes King Charles’ coronation.

When is King Charles’ coronation?

The King and Queen Consort, Camilla, will be crowned on Saturday 6th May at Westminster Abbey. And although this special occasion is falling on the weekend, the government has announced an additional bank holiday will take place on Monday 8th May to mark the coronation.

So how can you help celebrate your staff when they aren’t expecting it this May? Let’s start with the big one first.

Gift them the day off

This might seem like an obvious choice but not all employees necessarily have an automatic right to a day off when it is a bank holiday. Whether they do or not depends on the wording in their employment contract. For example, if the contract says the employee is entitled “to all bank and public holidays”, then the extra day should be granted automatically. If not, then this is entirely down to the employer’s discretion.

The thing is: even if it isn’t made explicit in your contract, shutting down and giving your staff a long weekend is a great way to show them you care about their wellbeing. Pretty important when 77% of employees have experienced burnout at least once in their current roles. So, gift your staff some extra time off and allow them to spend the coronation celebrating – or simply chilling out.

Make their bank holidays memorable

With employee turnover rates set to hit 41.4% on average this year, ‘The Great Resignation’ isn’t over yet. And that means showing your employees year-round appreciation has never been more important. Doing so can boost staff morale and enhance company culture. Not to mention elevating your employee value proposition (EVP), which makes your company a much more appealing place to join and stick around in. And when they do, this extra day off for the coronation is the perfect way to recoup and recharge those batteries.

But you don’t have to stop there. Along with giving them the day off, you can help them make the most of their time too.

Whether your staff want to spend the day alone in the spa or treat the whole family to a fun-filled day out, our Envy packages give them the choice of over 5,000 real-life experiences. These are designed to suit every taste and budget. From the more economical Crystal gift voucher (£25) which includes things like Vue cinema tickets and scuba diving sessions all the way up to the extravagant Amethyst gift voucher (£1,000). This is where you can really treat employees with unforgettable experiences like three-night gourmet escapes and aerobic Top Gun flying adventures. But whatever you choose to do, appreciating your staff and keeping morale high is about celebrating their efforts when they least expect it. And although they might have seen the day off coming, they could never have pictured this.

So, what else can you do?

Put on a royal spread

Last year, 17.2 million people took part in The Big Jubilee Lunch for our late Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

And from the 6th to the 8th of May, the British public is invited to celebrate together once again with the Coronation Big Lunch. From daytime street parties to twilight ‘lunar lunches’, there’s a myriad of ways employees can make this weekend memorable. And with our unique range of gift cards, you can help your employees put on a spread fit for a king.

Is one of your team hosting a garden party? Then our Home and Garden Gift Card could help them deck out their party in pure, palatial fashion. Alternatively, our Restaurant Favourites card is a good option for those who’d prefer to enjoy the celebrations with a more private and low-key lunch.

However your staff choose to celebrate, though, the Big Lunch is all about boosting community spirit, combating loneliness and supporting good causes – something that King Charles III has spent a lifetime campaigning for.

Give something back

As part of King Charle’s coronation celebrations, the public will also be encouraged to join the Big Help Out initiative; a nationwide tribute to the King’s many decades of public service. At BHN, we can also help your organisation give something back – and at a time when staff need it the most.

Our digital gift codes can provide a vital lifeline for people in financial hardship or vulnerable situations. Whether it’s the monthly energy bills or weekly groceries, BHN can help you provide valuable support to your staff. This type of reward can be distributed virtually and is sustainable by design. Fitting for a monarch that holds environmental causes so close to his heart.

But it’s not just those inside the workplace you can help. Using BHN’s Payments for Good distribution solutions, your organisation can also demonstrate your commitment to doing good outside of the office. To date, we’ve helped distribute £250 million worth of emergency payments worldwide – including £90 million in the UK. Interested in giving something back to the wider community? Just download our brochure to see how you can start reaching more beneficiaries with your budget.

But these ideas are just the start of what you can do this May.

Making employee rewards feel regal

From putting on an office banquet that’s fit for a king to sending out a coronation-themed care package to your remote employees, there are endless ways you can help staff commemorate this momentous occasion. So roll out the bunting and carve the cucumber sandwiches, now’s the time to herald the king and honour your staff.

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