One4all Gift Cards

As the fastest growing multi-brand gift card in the UK, One4all brings together more than 140 popular retailers in one place, to offer your recipients the ultimate variety in choice-based rewarding. Featuring well-known brands across the retail, hospitality, and entertainment sectors, this versatile gift card comes with a range of flexible options.

The logistics, security and distribution are managed by Blackhawk Network, so you only need to let us know which variables work best for your use case, and how much value to apply to each card.


One4all is a single-load, physical gift card that can be spent in-store or redeemed online using the unique 16-digit card number.

One4all Chip & Pin

One4all Chip & PIN is a single-load, physical card used to reward or gift higher values to ID verified recipients.

One4all Digital

One4all Digital can be used online and in-store. It can be added to a recipient’s digital wallet and can be utilised for single load and reloadable rewards.

There’s something to suit everyone

You can’t second-guess what your employees or customers might enjoy doing in their spare time. With an incredible selection of brands available, One4all allows your recipients to spend their reward or gift on something they truly want.

Dining Out

With a range of popular restaurant chains to choose from, you can be sure that every taste has been catered for. Nationwide coverage ensures that there is a variety of cuisines to choose between in every part of the UK.

Fashion & Beauty

Much-loved high street staples with UK coverage are complemented by sought-after, online-only brands that provide fast home delivery. Shop the basics from Primark, or go haute couture via department stores like John Lewis.


Entertainment & Leisure

Our range of well-known retailers have your recipients covered no matter what they like to do for fun. Online gaming? Local cinema trip? Holiday abroad? It’s all possible with One4all.

Home & Garden

Your recipients will appreciate a reward that helps to cover the cost of home makeovers and garden glow ups. Whether it’s a yearned-for new device for the family, or some outdoor furniture to support that well-deserved rest.

Why choose a
One4all gift card?

Enjoy peace of mind when ordering your rewards in the knowledge that you’re using a safe, popular gift card brand that your employees and customers will genuinely appreciate.

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